Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almost done


"Viola" I think it turned out great. Now as with 
all the others. I need to mount it on something or frame it.

Yes, anything worth while takes time but I am almost done. I didn't realize it before but this actually looks like a face. The two sunflowers are the eyes and the crows sitting ontop of them are the eye brows.  Can you see it?
I am trying to decide which one I want to do next. I really love the little lamb with the garland of flowers but I also like the farm picture.
I am still learning and wondering what is your favorite and which other type of fabrics you use besides weavers cloth for your punch needle. I hat eo do something big only to find out that it won't last on a certain type of fabric. So please, I would love to hear your comments on this.
Have a wonderful day.
Keep on Punchin

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ah Yes, I'm Punch Drunk Again

I know I said that I was going to start working on my own designs but I love this one so much that I decided to go ahead and do this one too.
I also have picked some of my favorite subject mater for my future designs for my Punch work.
I think that the title of my blog is more true then fiction as the more I punch the more I want to punch. So the question is, does that make me Punch Drunk. I find that after punching for a couple of hours I have a hard time focusing on text or other small figures. I know that my eyes need testing and I am sure that using a magnifying lamp constantly isn't probably the best thing for my eyes. The get tired very quickly and so do I and when I close my eyes for a couple of minutes, I fall asleep.  Do any of my fellow punchers out there have the same issues or is this a personal one?
All I know is it seems that every time I find something I really enjoy it ends up being hazardous to my health. heheh. Oh well, I am going to just keep punching till I can't. I am just enjoying it so much.
This is a few pics that I am going to design for my own punch work patterns
                                    Aren't these just the cutest little lambs  and children too?
                              The sheep are called babydolls and they are from Sussex England.
                                  I want to live on the farm or at least have one just like it. It is everything that I would want in the way of a small working farm with the little spring and mill too. I could have room for sheep and dogs and chickens and some Pigmy goats too.
 This is Spring Time at Bromleys Mill at the Cuttalossa Farm
                                       Can't you just picture this as a punch work design? I am working on doing this one in a punch work too. Just haven't got the design just the way I want it yet. I am finding that I have to eliminate a little detail which is so hard for me as I am very detail oriented.
           I am anxious to get started on the new designs as well as finishing what I have started already

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I finished another one

Like I say, I am punch drunk happy. I just finished another patterned piece and I really like it but I think that I am just going to design my own with the exception of the ones that I have already purchased. I may give a couple of those as part of the giveaway to come.

Anyway, here is my newest completed project. Again, I still need to apply it to something. The background seems a little lite to  me but the border helps to pull it all together.
Okay, On to bigger more detail. One of my own designs.