Saturday, August 13, 2016

Good Morning Saturday. Lovely day in Toledo, Oregon.

Good morning gang. So what kind of fun are we having so far?

Well, moving right along on my daughters shawl. 
Hey Julie, I need those measurements before I start the next row.

This one is going much faster but my hands are really giving me grief. My knuckle on my right hand on the pointer finger is the worst. Any suggestions other than not doing any crocheting or sewing? I have been wearing some cream that is suppose to alleviate the pain but I 
don't think it works all that great. Oh well, if I don't have something
to complain about life would be pretty boring.

I need to go take some pics of the Christmas tree skirt that I am 
working on, be right back.
Okay, this is the one I am currently working on

 I didn't have enough of the fabric to make more of the wedges so I am going to make solid wedges to go in between the variegated Christmas fabric wedges. How do you think these two will look

This is the original one that I got the idea from.
Here is the fabric that I will be making the other two from

And I am going to put this around the bottom of one of them. It is trim from around the bottom of an old chenille bedspread.

So my friends, that's where my life stands right now as long as my hands can hold out. hahah
Have a great weekend all.
and just enjoy the music of your favorite Scottish Hummingbird.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Not much to post on today. I am making headway on my daughters shawl. She wanted one like the one I just made for my niece Sheri.
This is how far I have came from the last post.

If you count the rows from the solid one out you can see that I have completed 5 more rows. It is a labor of love to be sure.

I have also been cutting the fabric for the Christmas tree skirts but that is going to remain unseen for a while. hehehe

Okay, I am going to get myself together for an afternoon with a new friend.

Just got pictures of my niece in the new shawl.

I am so happy with the way it turned out. Wow.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Be productive and do something fun. 
Talk with you all tomorrow.

The furbabies say hello too.