Saturday, August 13, 2016

Good Morning Saturday. Lovely day in Toledo, Oregon.

Good morning gang. So what kind of fun are we having so far?

Well, moving right along on my daughters shawl. 
Hey Julie, I need those measurements before I start the next row.

This one is going much faster but my hands are really giving me grief. My knuckle on my right hand on the pointer finger is the worst. Any suggestions other than not doing any crocheting or sewing? I have been wearing some cream that is suppose to alleviate the pain but I 
don't think it works all that great. Oh well, if I don't have something
to complain about life would be pretty boring.

I need to go take some pics of the Christmas tree skirt that I am 
working on, be right back.
Okay, this is the one I am currently working on

 I didn't have enough of the fabric to make more of the wedges so I am going to make solid wedges to go in between the variegated Christmas fabric wedges. How do you think these two will look

This is the original one that I got the idea from.
Here is the fabric that I will be making the other two from

And I am going to put this around the bottom of one of them. It is trim from around the bottom of an old chenille bedspread.

So my friends, that's where my life stands right now as long as my hands can hold out. hahah
Have a great weekend all.
and just enjoy the music of your favorite Scottish Hummingbird.


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said... that hummingbird Jan.

The shawl is looking so beautiful, again those colors, that yarn, I just love it.
I like the idea for the tree skirt, I look forward to seeing work in progress pictures as you go.

I am also suffering with pain in my right hand, in my middle knuckle of my index finger. Hand sewing is painful. I have yet to go to the doctor, I suspect he will tell me arthritis. I won't take meds, so I guess I will just have to learn to work with it. I hope you feel better soon.

Jan said...

I sent a reply through the email but not sure if you got it. I too suffer so much with arthritis pain in my hands. I hate it as my whole life centers around my love of creating fun things to wear, eat and everything just about. I take a low dose Methadone for pain control. Its only 5 mg but just enough to take the edge off. They use methadone for pain control for those with liver issues. I had Hep C for many years and now since I took Harvoni for 6 months and they say I am cured. Had it for many years and went through many treatments much like chemo. Lost my hair and all. None of them worked and worse almost killed me. So I do feel blessed but the Hep
C caused cirrhosis of my liver so I have to be very careful what I take. Sorry to go into such depth but just wanted to let you know that it does help ease the pain and no side effects.
I have been working on the skirt all day and it is coming right along. I will post another picture.