Thursday, January 17, 2013


Oh my gosh,

If God ever created tools this was one of them. I can thread a needle with my eyes closed. Seriously.
This is the most awesome needle threader I have ever used or found.
Someone at Daves Garden Forum suggested it and I have to go and thank them,

There is a hole in the top and you don't even have to line up the eye of the needle, you just put the eye in the hole, lay the thread across the opening for the thread and push down the little pedal. Voila, the needle is threaded. Oh My Gosh, I love this tool.

You can order one from here

You will thank me for this                

2013 and we are here

Well, its a new year and we all seem to be busy working on new projects. I, as usual, am working on too many projects at one time. I am working on my first quilt which is coming along nicely but should
have started smaller. I always have a tendency to do things BIG so my first quilt is almost a Queen
size quilt.

I am also working on a tutorial for beginning gourd beading on Dave's Garden. Haven't done any of that
for ages so its like visiting an old friend.

 I have also been working on a penny rug Valentine for a friend.

So as usual, I am up to my ears in projects.

My furry kids keep me constantly busy too and I best post a picture of the Awesome Twosome or they will be sorely disappointed

Baxter has way too much energy and Phoebe tries to catch naps when she can without much success

So my friends and follers, I once again am going to try and pull myself away from the addicting FB and get on here more.
Have a great weekend my friends
Jan, Phoebe and Baxter.