Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Should be done in about a Week!

Well, I don't know about you Christy but I'm getting excited. Just have 9 more rows to go and those are the points. My daughters didn't have them as it would have made hers longer than it is. Not sure why or what happened and I offered to make her another one but she said it was okay. These are the points that I am talking about.

Christy, I am going to be needing your address so I can mail it to you. Are you as excited as me?

Well, Sherry Sutton, Looks like I will be starting on yours as soon as I get the yarn.

This was the third second one and my niece Sheri is modeling it when it arrived
for her.

Going to take a break this afternoon and have lunch with a friend at this great Asian 
restaurant. Everyone has to take a break sometime.

Monday, August 29, 2016

First one is done. Woo Hoo

Don't you love it. I do. For not knowing what I was doing when I started out, I think it came out pretty nice. I have two more to complete now. My neighbor is very pleased with its outcome.

Here is # 1


So with all three completed. the daughters will get an opportunity to choose which one they want to use under their tree. The one in the middle was the original one that I made the initial pattern for the others. 
I really enjoyed making these and from what I understand all the daughters loved
the ones that they chose for their special traditional Christmas tree 
Merry Christmas to all the Edmonson Daughters.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Trip on Sidewalk makes a Trip to the ER

Well  looks like I won't be doing much sewing for the next few days. Fortunately, nothing got broken. I tripped on our sidewalk in front of the front door with a hose in my hand wide open. My toe of my sandel caught the edge of the sidewalk and down I went.  I have had surgery on both of my wrists so they don't bend very well so when I started to fall I tried to catch myself but just ended up hyperextending my fingers and hand  and wrist on my right hand. Going to be sore for a few days but no 
BREAKS ! ! ! That is the best news. I have too much to get done.
Well, I will be off for a couple of days. Get back with you soon.
Have a great week. Hope yours starts better than mine.