Saturday, September 3, 2011

Okay, bring on my wool

I hate waiting when I am ready to jump right in and start hooking. I finished up with the transfer onto the fabric yesterday but I found out my wool won't be here till about the 6 or 7th. Dang it. I want it now. Its not like I can just run out and buy it as we don't have any fabric stores around her. I can start some of the outline details so I may do that.
Here is the Work in Progress. It will end up being about 24" x 36" or somewhere near there . It sort of depends on the background that I decide upon. That is still a WIP in the back of my mind. heheh.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My newest WIP

I will soon be working a rug of my Dear Sweet William Wallace. I am right now doing a large sketch that I was going to use as a pattern but now I think that I just want to keep the sketch as is and blow up the photo and use that as the pattern base.
Here is where I am so far in my sketch and I plan on adding a rainbow behind him.
I am having the best time sketching this as he was such a sweet little man and it is easy when you are enjoying your work.