Thursday, September 15, 2011

Working on new punch needle project and my other WIP

I am working on a new punch needle of a James Christensen art work. He is one of my favorite artists. Very fun whimsical creations. He is also an writer, professor, and a man of many talents.
This is the one that I am making into a bag. It is called "Grace" I love the neutral colors. and I can see it as a nice little hand bag.
I have also been working on my Swedish woven afghan too. I think it is good to have several different projects going at once so you don't get bored or discouraged with one thing.
Here is an updated photo of my afghan.
It is about half done and I hope to complete it before Christmas so I can either give it as a gift or snuggle under it myself, haven't decided yet. I always end up giving away everything I make so I might just keep it for myself. heheh.

Oh yea, I have a couple other projects to complete too. One is a cross stitch family tree for my daughter and of course my rug hooking of Wallace.
So I guess I better get off the computer and get busy. 
Besides that, Phoebe wants to go for a walk. She always want to go for a walk.
Gotta love her

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Bingo Prize

I am providing the prize for a Bingo game that I am in on a Proboard that I follow and these are the prizes for the winner.  I hope that no one from the board takes to wandering around the blogs or they may discover the prize in advance.
I just finished this  little Fall bag that will be a part of the Bingo prize along with several other  items.
 I used some old vintage wool along with some wool flannel for the leaves and a bit of chenille.
I am also including in the prize the Harvest raven and the scarecrow and pal, pillow that I hooked.
Looks like a good Bingo Prize to me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As promised, my update on Wallace

I found my self hooking like a mad women when I happened to look at the time and it was 1:00 am. Yep, I was so into Sweet Wallace and watching a good movie when I glanced up at the clock as saw 1:00 am. My oh my, time to go to sleep but I did make some head way and I have found how much easier it is when you are working on a pattern you enjoy. Here is my updated pic of William Wallace. I feel good about it so far and feel like I am making good head way. I do wish I had some white or cream colored wool though. I feel like I am cheating using yarn. Oh well, I like it never the less and I am sure that Wallace doesn't mind. I feel like I am slowly giving him Life again.  It makes me smile and that is what is so healthy about doing this type of work. It is good therapy.
I did a painting of my Mother when she passed and it was the best thing for me. I gave the painting to my brother. I wonder what he did with it. I painted her in a garden sitting on a white bench with her little dog among  all her flowers with a broad brimmed sun hat. It made me smile too.
I think that if you are having a difficult time dealing with the passing of a dear friend or family member be it human or furry friends, doing something creative to bring some joy and a smile is good to an otherwise,  sad time. It is very good therapy.
Try it next time you are feeling a bit down. Be creative. It is good for the Inner Soul.