Friday, November 2, 2012

HO HO HO, Its Christmas Stocking Exchange TIme


Come on all you Lovers of Prim and of the Winter and Holiday season. I am Hosting this Mixed Idea of the Winter Stocking. This allows for others to join in to,Christian, Jewish, all religions and even those of little faith. Everyone loves The smells and joy of the Holiday season. How better to get in the swing of things then to create that special holiday stocking and fill it with goodies for your exchange partner.  

Ho Ho Ho, Winter is on its way and time for our
annual Winter and Christmas Stocking Exchange

Well, its that time of year again and I am pushing myself and hopefully others to get in the swing of things for the Holidays.

I am hosting a Christmas Stocking Exchange on another site and I want to do one here too. I am going to change this one a bit to include others that do not do Christmas but maybe Hanuka so I though that we might do something a little different here to include everyone and do a 

If you are taking part in the other one you are more then welcome to join in here too but you will just have to "Double your pleasure and Double your fun And make two stockings Instead of One"

This is the stocking I received on the last exchangethat hangs on my wall all year as it has all my colors and isn't necessarily Christmas in design..
I have gotten bit by the quilting bee and will probably be incorporating that into my exchange.

Now if you want to join in the rules are simple.

For this exchange all stockings need to be hand made and at least 14" from cuff to toe.

Each person that joins will also need to state their theme for this years Christmas so that
the person that gets you name can design their stocking to fit into your theme. If you haven't any
particular theme then it will be considered Traditional. Other themes maybe, like, Vintage Christmas, Nutcracker Suite Theme, Some have particular themes like nautical with boats and star fish and colorful fish, or even a particular Color theme, just to give you an idea.

**I have started this late here but you have till the 15th of November to sign up and all stockings need to be sent by the 7th of December at the latest due to increase of delivery and slow mail service in December.**

All Stockings need to have some goodies added, your choice, sweets or other things as no one likes to get an empty stocking.


Please respond by sending me your name and theme and then email me your address.
I hope to see many of my friends and bloggers join in. I think we need to bring some joy
into our lives after a very difficult year with bad weather and politics and so many of our sons,
daughters,brothers, sisters and friends still fighting for our freedom.

1. Lora of Paperpest      Theme is Winter and whimsy
2. Me                             Theme is Nutcracker Suite
3. Linda                         Winter and Whimsy.

Looks like its just the three of us gals. Boy, everyone else is going to miss out on the fun, but thanks for
being a part of this years exchange Lora and Linda. I really appreciate it.


Friday, September 7, 2012

I just finished this patchwork skirt with seersucker inserts.

I just finished this skirt for my friend and I just love the way it turned out. It is so nice to finish a project a day. Doesn't always happen that way but nice when it does.'

Yep, its been a month and I can't believe it

Wow, where did the time go? I have been so busy sewing and creating and I guess thats what its all about. I have been working on critters, aprons, skirts and more. Seems like as soon as I finish one thing I am off and running on the next. I guess that is a good thing. At least I don't have time to be bored. This is my latest completion and a few of the others that I have just finished.

This is Vinny the Vulture. He is made with a heavy fabric that is then painted and he is stuffed with polyfill and wings are attached with sinew and buttons. He has a barbwire necklace and is attached to the 6'+ walking stick with more barbwire. He also has vertibreas and other bones hanging from his necklace. Very much the original vulture.
Here are a few more of the creations that I have recently completed.
My Steam punk Owl.
An apron I made for a baker friend.

Clara crow and her pet mouse Pocket.
Always at my feet. 
Until next time, have a great day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Seems like its been ages.

Hi my friends.

I know, Its been a long time again. I have been so busy in the garden and making aprons for everyone including one for myself.
These are a few that I have completed this past month,
I also made this skirt for a friend 

And this one
And I just finished these two aprons. I am keeping this one for me.

So you see, I have been very busy and not sleeping on the job except when I fall asleep with the needle in my fingers waiting to do the next stitch.
I hate wasting time.
Have to get busy again. I am working on another apron and also a chair cover.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well, looks like I've been away too long again. There is just too much going on and my blog gets put on the back burner, I am sorry to say. 
I have been working on chair back slip covers for my friends new Scrapbooking Shoppe. It is call The Bee Hive. 
They will be giving classes there and her inventory is to die for. I don't do the scrapbooking but try and keep me away from the awesome papers and all the goodies to use on other things. I do have a feeling that I am going to be getting involved with this too. Like I don't have enough to do. Right?
heheh so here are the chair slip covers. I have all the basic part done now I am working on adding the flower with the bee on the back of each one. It is all done in Penny style with a little coloring added for the faces and to give a little personality too. 

1 almost done with the exception of stitching on the stem and leaves and 7 more to go. I think they turned out pretty cool though don't you?
Other then that I have been busy in the garden and with my four legged family members. Phoebe and Baxter. They keep me on my toes constantly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well, I didn't like the way the other Bee Skep turned out so I gave it to my friend and made this new one. This is much more warm and colorful and I just think that it turned out great. Took me a bit to redo the wording on the bottom but everything in time.

Now I am on to my next project. Making 8 covers for the back of the chairs at the Bee Hive Scrap booking shoppe.
I have been staying busy but not posting as much as I should. Guess I am posting more on FB when I should be posting here.

What are you working on these days?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update on the Bee skep

Yes, it has been a slow process in creating the look of a woven bee skep. I finally finished that part and now onto the rest of the creation. I stitched on a few of the bees but not completely sure if I like the way they look. Would love to hear your comments on those. I will be adding tongues on the bottom with a bee on each one. Then a backing and stitching on the outside with  three little tabs for putting a dowel so that it can be hung.

This is still a work in progress so I will post more as I complete it.

Everything seems to take so much time. I am trying to be patient but I need to stay off the computer and get busy with my projects more.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

OMG, has it been that long. I guess we just get tangled up in our lives and forget to let others in. I have been working on several different projects and will try and up date a little later today. This is the current work that is taking up my time. It is a Bee Skep that I am doing in penny rug fashion, however the skep itself is taking a little longer then anticipated.
This is just an early peek and I will post more later.
Have to go to a Tuesday Tea Party but will get back with you all later.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drum Roll...... We have a winner..... Pam Gracia

Congratulations Pam, I hope that you will enjoy the vintage design bag. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know your mailing addy.
This is the final pic of the purse . I did add a couple of things since I posted the giveaway.

I will get that mailed tomorrow.

I wish I could send you all one but unfortunately there does have to be losers to have a winner. Better luck next time and I promise there will be more giveaways soon.

Many thanks to all that entered. I hope you stay in touch and visit often so you can be the first to sign up for my next giveaway.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Think It's Time For a Give Away / 4 Days Left To Sign Up

It's been a long time since I hosted my last giveaway and I do believe the time is right for another. This purse doesn't scream Summer or Easter but It does scream Vintage design. It is all hand stitched in Penny Rug Fashion and made of wool felt and lined with a nice soft fleece. It has faux tortoise shell handles that complement the design well.

I have also posted pictures of  this handbag a few days ago on my blog.

Okay, here are the rules. Very easy to do.
1 Be a follower

2 Post about it on your blog, if you don't have a blog let me know.

3 Be sure to leave me a comment with a way to contact you
Now all that seems fairly easy. I would love to give this to one lucky follower.

Sign up begins now and ends on March 10th. I will draw the name on the 11th and ship on the 12th.

Good luck and hopefully you will have it for St. Patrick's Day


Monday, February 27, 2012

My Vintage needle case

Well, I got my vintage needle case the other day and it is everything that I thought it would be. I has one section that looks like it would hold some buttons or extra thread and three layers for needles and pins. The ends are padded for pin cushions and the leather center looks like it was used to push a needle through heavy fabric.
As a collector its everything I expected. It would have been nice if the velvet on the ends was in a little better condition but heck this is from the 1800's and I think it is okay for that age and it looks as if it was well used  not left to admire.

This is one of my other newest needle cases. It is more Asian in fashion but still very cute and unique.

I also got a vintage sewing basket that has a nice but well worn red silk lining.

The way I look at it if you are going to be sewing you may as well enjoy the tools of the trade and enjoy looking and using tools that were used by someone else many years ago.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I scored

I collect vintage needle cases and I think that I just scored with this find. Obviously the Amish one is in better condition but are the same design.

I  bought this vintage needle case on etsy for $45 then saw this Amish Rollup needel case on ebay that is selling for $500+ I think that considering the difference in condition they are of the same design and age.
The one I bought is from the 1800's

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My newest creation

This was designed after a vintage purse that I saw on Pinterest. It was sewn in penny rug style with felt applications using a blanket stitch. It is lined with a soft fleece lining and is completed with a nice Tortoise design handles.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its Done

Well, I think that I am pretty happy with the way it all turned out.
I have a few ideas that I will change on the next one but all in all, I think its pretty cool and large and very functional.

 Handles are wrapped with red wool and then crossed wrapped with gold thread
 Inside of lid is padded and then ribbon has been crossed, stapled and stitched to reinforce it.
 It is lined with Onasburg fabric and the bottom is lined with red wool felt
The lid is padded and trimmed with vintage cotton lace and the center is punch needle stating She Seeketh Wool & Flax .

The basket itself is a vintage picnic basket that is in awesome condition.
This is for sale if any one is interested in it. Just email me and I can give you all details on dimensions

. Price is $150. plus shipping.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Putting it all together

Well I have all the pieces and parts and I have begun the process of bringing it all together. I still need to line the inside and also put a backing on the inside of the lid. 
Finished product to follow soon.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Punch work is done, Yea!

Well, the Needle Punch is done, now I am just waiting for the picnic basket to arrive to plan on the application of the piece to the lid of the basket. I still don't know what the basket condition is like but I want it to be a primitive nature so it doesn't need to be perfect.
I plan on lining the inside of it and putting a batting on the underside of the lid and then cover it with a nice coordinating fabric and make little pockets that you can put pins and needles and a little pocket for the scissors and Thimble. Okay, I have all this in my head now I just need to get the basket so I can pull it all together.
I am tired now so if I were like my sweet Baxter I would be doing this.

Now I am off to finish my penny rug purse. I have half of it done.