Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update on the Bee skep

Yes, it has been a slow process in creating the look of a woven bee skep. I finally finished that part and now onto the rest of the creation. I stitched on a few of the bees but not completely sure if I like the way they look. Would love to hear your comments on those. I will be adding tongues on the bottom with a bee on each one. Then a backing and stitching on the outside with  three little tabs for putting a dowel so that it can be hung.

This is still a work in progress so I will post more as I complete it.

Everything seems to take so much time. I am trying to be patient but I need to stay off the computer and get busy with my projects more.

1 comment:

Ladybug said...

Awesome Project Jan... So agree
staying off the Computer to get more done.. Great words of wisdom
Think many of us have come too that
same point as well...

Have enjoyable day..
Big Hugs Ladybug