Monday, August 29, 2016

First one is done. Woo Hoo

Don't you love it. I do. For not knowing what I was doing when I started out, I think it came out pretty nice. I have two more to complete now. My neighbor is very pleased with its outcome.

Here is # 1


So with all three completed. the daughters will get an opportunity to choose which one they want to use under their tree. The one in the middle was the original one that I made the initial pattern for the others. 
I really enjoyed making these and from what I understand all the daughters loved
the ones that they chose for their special traditional Christmas tree 
Merry Christmas to all the Edmonson Daughters.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Trip on Sidewalk makes a Trip to the ER

Well  looks like I won't be doing much sewing for the next few days. Fortunately, nothing got broken. I tripped on our sidewalk in front of the front door with a hose in my hand wide open. My toe of my sandel caught the edge of the sidewalk and down I went.  I have had surgery on both of my wrists so they don't bend very well so when I started to fall I tried to catch myself but just ended up hyperextending my fingers and hand  and wrist on my right hand. Going to be sore for a few days but no 
BREAKS ! ! ! That is the best news. I have too much to get done.
Well, I will be off for a couple of days. Get back with you soon.
Have a great week. Hope yours starts better than mine.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Update on Christmas Tree Skirt

Well, I have been busy and I think I like the outcome so far. I have
the major part of the skirt pieced together and I am working on 
getting it all put together. I need to add the batting and backing and then I will start doing the quilting. I have three to do so I may just do this my machine. I usually do all my quilting by hand but this is a time crunch project.  I also plan on adding a light cream colored ruffle along the bottom. Okay here is where it stands so far. Still a WIP.

It's hard to see the white against the white background but there is 3 white strips too. Didn't have enough for 4 but it worked out okay. 
Next update will be when its all done.  What do you think?

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Good Morning Saturday. Lovely day in Toledo, Oregon.

Good morning gang. So what kind of fun are we having so far?

Well, moving right along on my daughters shawl. 
Hey Julie, I need those measurements before I start the next row.

This one is going much faster but my hands are really giving me grief. My knuckle on my right hand on the pointer finger is the worst. Any suggestions other than not doing any crocheting or sewing? I have been wearing some cream that is suppose to alleviate the pain but I 
don't think it works all that great. Oh well, if I don't have something
to complain about life would be pretty boring.

I need to go take some pics of the Christmas tree skirt that I am 
working on, be right back.
Okay, this is the one I am currently working on

 I didn't have enough of the fabric to make more of the wedges so I am going to make solid wedges to go in between the variegated Christmas fabric wedges. How do you think these two will look

This is the original one that I got the idea from.
Here is the fabric that I will be making the other two from

And I am going to put this around the bottom of one of them. It is trim from around the bottom of an old chenille bedspread.

So my friends, that's where my life stands right now as long as my hands can hold out. hahah
Have a great weekend all.
and just enjoy the music of your favorite Scottish Hummingbird.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Not much to post on today. I am making headway on my daughters shawl. She wanted one like the one I just made for my niece Sheri.
This is how far I have came from the last post.

If you count the rows from the solid one out you can see that I have completed 5 more rows. It is a labor of love to be sure.

I have also been cutting the fabric for the Christmas tree skirts but that is going to remain unseen for a while. hehehe

Okay, I am going to get myself together for an afternoon with a new friend.

Just got pictures of my niece in the new shawl.

I am so happy with the way it turned out. Wow.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Be productive and do something fun. 
Talk with you all tomorrow.

The furbabies say hello too.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Good Morning Thursday's Child

  Well, I am busy working on Julies Boho shawl. Coming right along and seems to be easier to understand this time around. Practice makes perfect I guess.

 This is the first one that I started and ripped out to this point. You can compare where I am now on Julie's shawl to the point where I stopped ripping out on the first one. Looks like number 3 will be coming soon after number 2. I think I already have that one sold.
I forgot to show the first finished one. I have sent it to Shari but waiting for her to let me know she received it. This is what it looks like.

I also have, HAVE to get started on those Christmas tree skirts. I don't know why but I am always afraid to make that first cut in the fabrics. I promise I will have something to show you tomorrow on those. God willing and the creek don't run dry.
Phoebe and Baxter says hello too!

Have a great day everyone and let the sunshine in. It does amazing things for the soul, spirit and emotional well being.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Good Wednesday Morning
Hope you're all ready for another beautiful day. 

I over did yesterday and Weed whacked, mowed and weed whacked some more. I can't hardly move today. Sprained my ankle slipping on a spot of wet grass. Figures, I would find the one spot that was wet. hahah.

Guess I won't be doing or need to do any yard work for a couple of weeks, thank God. 
I have loads to do inside.  I have three Christmas tree skirts to make similar to this one before Christmas.

My Neighbor has 3 daughters that she want's to give each of them one like her's sort of. These are the fabrics she picked

I've never done these but I am sure I can figure it out. I am going to do different size rows of the fabric so as to allow more variation. I have a few months to complete them but I best get started. 
I can work on them during the day and Julie's Bohemian shawl in the evening.  Haven't done much more on Julie's shawl since the first picture.

So folks, that's my plans for the next few months and I will keep you updated on them and our life on Old Arcadia Road.

Have a great day my Friends. We are sure going to give it a try.
So take a moment to smell the flowers. Wish we had scratch and sniff on here. They smell Heavenly.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good Tuesday Morning My blogger friends.

Good morning everyone.
Sit down and have a cup of coffee  with me.

I hope that your day will be a productive and rewarding one.
I have lawn work to do today so I know mine will be productive. Not so sure how rewarding it will be, since my body will pay the price in the end.
I have several open lilies today and it is August 2nd. I will have to remember that for next year. August 1st was the grand opening and today is really grand!

I have started another shawl for my daughter Julie. I hope I can get it done faster than the first one. Sheri, yours will go out on Friday. That's payday and that's when I can afford to ship it.

Phoebe and Baxter woke up full of vim and vinegar this morning. They are always ready for whatever comes along. Except baths. hahah

So, I am off like a dirty shirt to start my day. Hope to see lots of comments when you stop by for a cup of Java and an English Muffin or Bagel.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to smile at someone, its catching. It spreads like wild flowers.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Well, I tried this once before a few months ago but times being what they are right now, it couldn't be a better time to leave Facebook for a while. I have been having some very sever emotional issues with all the political BS and the world being what it is these days has made me have some meltdowns.
I am really looking for the positive side of my life and get away from all the negativity that is everywhere you turn these days. I am a pretty even keel type person and I think that it is time to do what makes me happy and what makes me happy is making and creating things for family and friends and making them smile and laugh and cry with happy tears of joy. So I hope you will take a break and come by and visit me here. I may not have a lot to share everyday but I will be posting happiness most of the time. That includes family, friends, furry family members as well as feathered family members and what everyone is up to.
Coffee is served at 5 am every morning. See you all here.
I am starting this off with my first open bloom of my Asian Lilies and the completion of my Niece, Sheri Starnes Bohemian Shawl.

I sent it to Sheri and she has now received it and it looks awesome on her. I couldn't be more proud of myself. hahaha. Looks just like the pattern

This was the pattern.