Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Good Wednesday Morning
Hope you're all ready for another beautiful day. 

I over did yesterday and Weed whacked, mowed and weed whacked some more. I can't hardly move today. Sprained my ankle slipping on a spot of wet grass. Figures, I would find the one spot that was wet. hahah.

Guess I won't be doing or need to do any yard work for a couple of weeks, thank God. 
I have loads to do inside.  I have three Christmas tree skirts to make similar to this one before Christmas.

My Neighbor has 3 daughters that she want's to give each of them one like her's sort of. These are the fabrics she picked

I've never done these but I am sure I can figure it out. I am going to do different size rows of the fabric so as to allow more variation. I have a few months to complete them but I best get started. 
I can work on them during the day and Julie's Bohemian shawl in the evening.  Haven't done much more on Julie's shawl since the first picture.

So folks, that's my plans for the next few months and I will keep you updated on them and our life on Old Arcadia Road.

Have a great day my Friends. We are sure going to give it a try.
So take a moment to smell the flowers. Wish we had scratch and sniff on here. They smell Heavenly.


Linda said...

Hey Jan, looks like you are keeping yourself busy. Sorry to hear about your foot. Praying it heals quickly.

Jan said...

Thank you. I have been taking it easy today. As you can see there is a lot to take care of here.
The out front yard, the inside front yard and the back yard. I mow and weed whack it all.