Monday, August 15, 2016

Trip on Sidewalk makes a Trip to the ER

Well  looks like I won't be doing much sewing for the next few days. Fortunately, nothing got broken. I tripped on our sidewalk in front of the front door with a hose in my hand wide open. My toe of my sandel caught the edge of the sidewalk and down I went.  I have had surgery on both of my wrists so they don't bend very well so when I started to fall I tried to catch myself but just ended up hyperextending my fingers and hand  and wrist on my right hand. Going to be sore for a few days but no 
BREAKS ! ! ! That is the best news. I have too much to get done.
Well, I will be off for a couple of days. Get back with you soon.
Have a great week. Hope yours starts better than mine.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Update on Christmas Tree Skirt

Well, I have been busy and I think I like the outcome so far. I have
the major part of the skirt pieced together and I am working on 
getting it all put together. I need to add the batting and backing and then I will start doing the quilting. I have three to do so I may just do this my machine. I usually do all my quilting by hand but this is a time crunch project.  I also plan on adding a light cream colored ruffle along the bottom. Okay here is where it stands so far. Still a WIP.

It's hard to see the white against the white background but there is 3 white strips too. Didn't have enough for 4 but it worked out okay. 
Next update will be when its all done.  What do you think?