Friday, May 6, 2011

here is an update on my "Home Is Where The Heart Is"

This is a final update. The next posting will be the finished piece.
It is nearly complete and then the decision of whether of not to make it into a pillow or put it in a frame and make it a wall hanging. I am thinking more towards the latter as I would hate to see it get distressed from an unknowing participant like my little lap puppy. She wouldn't intentionally mess it up but claws and teeth have a tendency to sort of change the appearance of certain articles. heheh
All I need to do now is fill in the background. I am pretty happy with the way it has turned out. The bird and its contents inside of it came from something I saw in the way of a sewing kit. I just want to acknowledge that part of it was not my creation but the rest of it is. The mountains and streams and willow, sheep, and the rest came from my little brain. heheh.
I will post again when it is done. This one has taken be quite a while to complete. It is a fairly large piece that when you consider that it is done stitch by stitch its understandable why these punch needle projects are so sought after.
I hope you have enjoyed watching the process of this project as much as I have enjoyed doing it.

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Julie said...

Jan...I just read back through this whole blog...and you are doing such amazing projects! My fav is the Proverbs one on the basket! Do you free hand the ones using photographs??? Is so...I am amazed. Sure would love to have you teaching in my area!!!! :)