Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its Done

Yea, I just finished up my Penny Rug this morning. I think it turned out great and I am happy with the results.
Now if the wool will just get here so I can finish up the witches hat I will be a truly happy camper. I will have finished two projects. WOO HOO! ! !
Here is my Fall rug along with a gathering of crows in the back yard finishing up some Delicata squash that I gave them.
It is great squash and they are lucky we saved them the rind. It was good right up to the skin. The meat of the Delicata squash is sweet and flavorful. I stuff it with butter , cardamon, brown sugar and a little honey. Bake until tender and YUM! best squash ever.
One of the great things I love about Fall.


renee said...

I think that it turned out very nice!
I read your post about doing too many things, I can SO relate to that! Except, you are probably getting more done than I seem to be! LOL! I like to do many things as well, it's too hard to choose and they are all fun! I don't have any words of wisdom there.
Have a good night.

Jan said...

Thanks for the kudos Renee, Yes, It is hard to choose so I just keep getting myself in trouble as now I am looking at some Log Cabin quilts. OH NO ! ! !
I am pulling out little stashes of scrapes and seeing if I have enough to make a throw size quilt. I am such a glutton for punishment. ehehe