Saturday, November 26, 2011

My newest WIP

I am currently working on a Santa riding a sheep and have a reindeer and welcome piece up and coming. I am STILL looking for some white wool in my price range. I keep checking the goodwill and thrift stores as that price range is right up my alley. Yes I am among the many that are suffering due to economy so I do with what I have or what I can find at a good price. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Hehe.
Here is the progress of Santa. I hope to finish him this week as I need to do a rush job on the reindeer. May not complete the welcome piece this year but that one was for me so thats okay.

So hows that for a succession of WIP heheh. I contemplated changing the color of Santa's toy bag  just to make it more visible but have decided that time is of essence and I need to just keep going. It is okay I think. Next pic will be of the completed rug. Don't you  just love hooking. I do, but my hands sure do take a beating on the frame from the gripping wires. I have to make sure that I don't bleed on the cloth. heheh
I made a couple of changes and finished up the sheep's hat.

Just a few more changes. A red nose for Santa's Ram and some nicer eyes. Okay, Now I am working on the background and since I have no white or cream I have chosen to do a winter sky of light grey and one a shade darker. Still being new to rug hooking I hope that this is the right way of doing this
Okay, I think that's all the changes, I need to finish this piece so I can get on with the reindeer for my friends daughter who is also my friend.
It is so nice to have such great friend to make things for.


lilraggedyangie said...

O Jan its just amazing ! Love it ! Have a great week! hugs and prayers lilraggedyangie

Ladybug said...

Jan It's awesome I love.. love it
thoughts and prayers Prim Friend :-)
Big Ladybug Hugs.....