Friday, June 17, 2011

A new technique, Swedish Weaving

I just love trying new techniques of sewing, stitching or weaving.
This technique is sort of a cross between stitching and weaving. It is done with a needle but woven into threads of monks or huck clothe. I have been using the natural in color but it comes in a variety of colors.

 I prefer this for the pattern and yarn that I am using. I just discovered this new technique while strolling through the You tube videos.
This is the beginning video that got me hooked so to speak. Take a moment and watch it and you too will get hooked on this easy and quick form of weaving or stitching.
The young women giving the tutorial does such an awesome job that I am sure you will learn everything you need to know to begin your new craft. It certainly was very informative to me.
This is the piece that I am working on now. I will be a little afghan to go with my punch needle piece of the same name. Home is where the heart is.
One of the interesting things about Swedish weaving is that it only shows up on the top side of the fabric. I think that is really unique.  You can sort of see the elevation of the stitching but not the yarn itself.
I have gotten the first color down and now I am working on the second color, green. The last color is a Williamsburg blue, which I think will look great with the other two colors.
This is the pattern that I am using from Ivy Stitching.

I get my Monks cloth from Annies Attic
and the patterns from
 Ivy stitching.
So that is what I am up to these days and if I don't answer your emails or the phone right away, I am wrapped up in my Swedish weaving or
walking my sweet 100lb+ lap puppy, Phoebe. She keeps me exercised to say the least.

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