Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have a problem, I Want To Do It All!

I know that I am not alone in my dilemma but I am afraid that it is a real psychological situation and I may need help.
I have at least 4-5 projects started and am actively working on 3 of them and I am contemplating starting a log cabin quilt. I also have several Cross Stitches that I have started but haven't completed, don't know how many of those I have.
What makes me start all these different sort of crafts, stitching, sewing and oh yes, I forgot my huge beaded gourd that is still waiting to be completed, and yet I still look for more to try. I just want to do them all and I have tried to say to myself, STOP ! ! ! you can't do them all, but I refuse to listen. Is it the rebel in me that says, don't tell me I can't do it all, because that only makes me want to do it more.
Maybe it is an age thing. Knowing that my life is getting closer to that other side and still having things that I want to do or make or try before I have to walk over that rainbow bridge makes me start a new project and always on the lookout for something new that I haven't tried yet. HELP ME!
I feel  a need to make some special things that I can leave my family so that I will be remembered in the years to come after I am gone. Heck, maybe they won't even like it and I am just spinning my wheels. I have 11 grandchildren and I know that I haven't been the best grandma as I haven't even seen 4 of them ever. Its just a matter of miles, time, money and life in general. I just want them all to know that even though I haven't been in there lives they have always been a part of mine and I want to make something for each of them. By the time I get that done, they will be having children of their own. OH NO! ! !
I don't like to make things to sell, although the money would be nice, I like to make things to give away. It makes me feel good. I am now making a rug hooking of a witches hat for my dear friend as her favorite holiday is Halloween and she has a huge collection of witches hats and this she can hang on her wall or door. I have made her about a dozen crows, an afghan, sheep, and I just can't remember what else but I know she likes them as she displays them and it makes me smile to see that she likes the things I have made for her.
So, My question is this,
How many of you have the same creative desire to do it all like I do. Please tell me I am not alone in my world of unfinished projects circling around me like a huge nightmare.
What should I do??? Does anyone have any suggestions or am I in a sinking boat and I better start bailing now?


Linda said...

Your not alone! I think we all have WIP! I try to work on the ones that have a due date first so they are not late, but I am always starting new projects all the time! Hubby is always asking me, "Are you going to finish this any time soon"?

Linda said...
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Michele said...

Oh Jan, you are not alone. All of us creative people have an obsession like yours. I know exactly how you feel. I have tried to channel my projects into the things that I like or am good at doing. Unfortunately you and I are so much alike in that we want to try it all. We want to try it and see if we like it or does it bore us and have to move on. You are so talented and I am so thankful that you are my friend. More like family.... Love you to pieces...MJ