Friday, January 3, 2014

A Few of My Current Projects.

I made these for my granddaughters and I hope that they like them.

I wanted to share the purses that I made for two of my Granddaughters for Christmas. I found the instructions on Pintrest and although they are a bit time consuming they really turn out great, I think. I will get the instructions and share that info with you in a little while.

I am going to be starting yet another quilt just for me. I love working on the Hawaiian quilt but I also have a plan in mind for a new bedroom scheme and it includes a new red and white quilt. Not absolutely sure which pattern I am going to use yet though so will also share that with you as soon as I decide.

I am going to make red and white gingham checked curtains to take me back to my childhood bedroom that my mother had done for me when I was having my tonsils out and then came down with the mumps too. I was a very sick puppy. Right now I have a dark paneling in my room and I am going to paint it white.

So I guess you might say I have a lot of projects in the pan and I need to get busy so I hope you will enjoy reading and watching my adventure for my new bedroom.

Have a wonderful day.

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1 comment:

paperpest said...

Jan, it's great to see you invigorating your blog. Love those purses you made, I made one without the ruffles. Good luck with your new red and white project.