Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just a little update.

Well, I need to readjust my schedule as I was thinking , duh, that today was Super Bowl Sunday. Just goes to show how much I pay attention to the football scheme of things.
Well I suppose that Phoebe and Baxter will be ruling the roost as soon as the sun is up but for now they are snuggling down.

I am playing catch up on all my WIP. I swear that I have at least a dozen or so right this very minuter but these are the ones that I am working on a little more diligently.
My Punch needle is coming right along as long as my eyes will allow. I swear that they get tired faster and I just don't know why.

My penny rug purse or runner, still haven't decided is sort of half way done.

I have 140 wooden spools on their way so that will be one more WIP but one that I can work on when I am watching TV and don't need to be following a pattern.

I am still working on my rug hooking of Sweet William Wallace but am sort of setting it aside for a bit. I still miss his sweet nature and snuggle that he used to do. Baxter seems to be doing the same snuggle that Wally used to do.

So I guess if I am going to get anything done, I best get off of here and back to work or pleasure depending on how you look at it.
Have a great day and please, If you should drop by, just leave me a little note to say Hi, I stopped by.
Hugs to all of you my friends.

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